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September 08, 2007


Brad Shorr

Great post. Do you think salespeople naturally tend to think of themselves as leaders of customers? I would say no.


I like this idea.

As I went to buy my new computer today I thought about this and watched the sales rep as he failed to take leadership in the process. I declined to purchase the computer today, and I'll get one later.

On another note, I was paying some of my bills and their was a problem with one of them. I called the customer service rep and he DID take a leadership role. I appreciated that because I was thinking about this post as I was talking to him.

It seems that more companies should talk about this during their sales training.

Daniel Sitter, Idea Seller

Brad and Damon,

I would agree, that unfortunately, most salespeople do not naturally take this position, but the best certainly will. This is a topic Damon, that is somewhat lacking in sales training.

I believe that leadership is a crucial element in the sales proces. It certainly bears further discussion!

John R. Ingrisano

Daniel, you are right on in terms of leadership. I would phrase it in terms of "active" or "passive." Whether in sales or running a business, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve, to anticipate and to take a leadership position.

One problem today is that many of us are afraid of being called "controlling" or bossy. That is not the same as taking a leadership position, of being proactive.

Good work. Keep up the excellent ideas and material.

-- JRIngrisano (www.TheFreestyleEntrepreneur.com)

Daniel Sitter, Idea Seller

Thank you John. I appreciate your comments. I like your word "proactive" regarding leadership. Instead of "controlling or bossy," think of the word "directing."

Directing implies proactive leadership with integrity.

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