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January 16, 2008


Patricia Weber

This baggage is a great metaphor for the sales issues you describe. In one of my upcoming blog messages I will definitely point people to your message!

Craig Klein

Well done Daniel!

You are officially the Dahlai Lama of Sales! The Zen Master of Persuasion!

I especially like the part about looking closely at the worst possible outcome. Sales people are taught from day one to "think positive" and consciously avoid thinking about anything less than total success.

Your advice can bring a lot of peace and more realistic projections!


Wow - so inspiring for me. I'm glad I came across your blog, and this post in particular, which really speaks to me.

I'm just getting into sales and need to look past the fears and doubts, and just push forward!

Have you ever heard of Hanif Khaki? I have also just started reading about him and apparently the mind and our state of mind, which causes our fears and anxieties, can be changed so that you get past what's holding us back from success.

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