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January 12, 2009


Avril Shelton

Good article. I'm going to pass this along to our readers by linking to you. This will help both our clients and candidates.

Authority Networker

It would seem that consumers of today have built up a resistance to traditional forms of selling and advertising. Knowledge of the art of gentle persuasion is key for a business to attract more buyers, the concept behind attraction marketing. Prospects resist selling...the more you sell, the more people resist it. Attraction marketing enables you to bring in customers in a pleasant and streamlined manner. Making buying interesting, comfortable and engaging to the customer is the attraction marketing formula to a six-figure annual income.

Accountpro Sales Commission Sofware

You can attract the consumer to buy goods. For this you need a proper advertising to attract them. Hire sales agent which have good marketing skills and pay them good commission.

Nike Shox Turbo

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Kathleen Foley

Thanks for the article Daniel. I would also recommend looking for sales people on freelance sites, like www.Guru.com. Past employers can provide feedback on freelancers so you can see how they have worked out for people in previous jobs.


Pamper Casino

The ability to be a good salesperson definitely does seem to be a harder and harder to find quality, agreed. Yet it's such a prized thing in the workplace...

abercrombie Milano

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