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June 02, 2009


Matt Ferry

My company, Crucible Materials, has been very supportive of the sales group at our research lab, even though the lab is a net loss for them in the first place. We are now in Chapter 11 looking for a buyer, and we're hoping the new management (whoever they are) are "Type 1's" that appreciate that sales provides services that other parts of our operation are not situated to provide. I would hate for them to lose not only the relationships, but also the business-need-to-technical-requirement translation that the sales group provides.


It is very important to understand the benefit of all staff members. These are all support functions that are primary contributors to a successful business. Cutting costs in these times takes skill. Each function needs to be carefully examined. Economic lulls are perfect opportunities to redefine goals and congratulate those members that contribute to the greater good of a firm.


Sales team is the revenue generator; teams like IT, R&D, Accounting etc. are cost centers. I fully agree with your entry, in fact the importance of good sale personnel rises even more during the times of recession. Companies who retain their trained sales force gain most when growth mode returns. Nice write-up.

Tim de jardine

so so true. I have worked at places where companies had both these opinions. Its nothing better when a company views a sales team as an asset. Sales should be the last function to go in any business. After all no sales = no business! and a lot of people DONT get that!

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knowing that some business owners think like the Type 2s. how pathetic they are for they think that he sees his sales team as an expense. that's not good. for that sales team is the reason why his company/establishment is still operating. And for business owners, if they want their company to survive on this crisis that we are all experiencing right now, they should take care first the core of their company, and that is his PEOPLE.

Nick Moreno

Nothing happens until something is sold. Even non profits need contributions to stay alive.

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great article, it never ceases to amaze me how business leaders who have spent time and money investing in their business start to 'consolidate' when the going gets tough. More than ever, now during a recession is the time to invest in you sales teams - remember it's going to be hard for them without management trying to cut back on their commission and perks.

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so true! every business owner should value what they have in their company..and that is the people!

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