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August 22, 2009


Lynn M

Good post. I agree with the point you made about sales people motivating themselves. Motivation comes from within, but the environment you create as a manager is essential. You may also like my post http://www.salesjobs.net/articles/about-motivation-for-sales-reps-and-managers-4189-article.html

Priscilla McIntire

Hi, Dan,

Sorry to post to post this on your blog, I know it's off topic, but it was the only way I could contact you.

I have some book release information regarding the Personal Development Kaleidoscope you helped author. Please send me an email address where I can send this information to you. I also posted a upcoming release post on my website if you would like to view it.

Have a fantastic day,

Priscilla McIntire (formerly Priscilla Palmer)


A very informative article, Daniel.

I'm also a firm believer of empowering your salespeople. If you want to achieve great sales, start by connecting with your sales reps, learn from them, get to know them, and eventually gain their trust one day at a time.

Teach your sales reps the value of trust by example. Eventually they'll learn to apply it to their own work – the importance of trust in forming relationships – and bring back great results for you in return.

If you're interested in more free sales tips, visit my website at http://www.topsalesmanagerblog.com.

Best regards,


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matthew schwartz

Hi Dan:
Interesting article. We're exploring similar terrain re differences between sales manager and sales execd in our blog, Follow the Lead. Here's a related item from our blog. Hope it helps.


By implying these 3 key points. A sales manager can easily manage things.

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