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May 01, 2007


Clayton Shold

Outstanding advice Dan! What I like about your twelve suggestions is that you incorporate these into your daily routine, practicing what you preach if you will.
The other point you didn't explicitly make but probably goes without saying, is you need to have entertaining and relevant content. You do.
P.S. I like your blog's new look.


Excellent post and I heartily endorse this approach as I use it myself but you added to new items which I will incorporate

The Thinking Blog

Good points raised. Hope your advice becomes a natural for everyone else as well.

Daniel Sitter

Thank you for these comments. We all need to establish and communicate a far greater level of cooperation regarding this subject.

Fernando Martínez de la Vega

Thanks for sharing these great "tips" David.
You totally made your point about helping other people effort in creating useful content
and not just using their knowledge in your own behalf without giving something back.
Great blog. Already added to my "to add banner" list.


Great comments! I'm quite a newbie in blogging and these tips would surely help!


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Thank u....

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wow... what a valuable info for a newbie like me. indeed I'm busy creating backlink these days. thks a lot.


g8...thank u so much!!


really very informative
i'll act upon your tricks and steps.


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