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May 09, 2007


Clayton Shold

Amen Dan! Can you imagine the productivity gains if everyone who showed up actually worked? Part of me wonders why so many only do what they need to and nothing more. The good news is that it leaves lots of room for others who want to excel, want to be good providers for their families and want to hold their heads high knowing they have tapped into their potential.

Daniel Sitter

It's so sad that so many people may never reach their potential because they choose not to put forth any real effort.

Aidan James

Good post! i found that just keeping the tasks organized into a manageable pile has helped massively with productivity.

I put post up on the 4 corners method of task prioritization, essentially it just forces you to think about a tasks importance to business versus its urgency. Amazing how many 'urgent' tasks can be dismissed for later when you think it through.

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