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May 27, 2007




This is one of the best posts I've read in a while. "Alpha Power" companies suck the life out your sales team. And I have a friend who's dealing with one right now.

My advice to him and what I do myself is, rather than burning the bridge and "firing" them, raise your prices.

Raising the price makes it worthwhile if they stick around. And if they leave (most likely), they sometimes come back because no one else wants to deal with them either.

And if they leave and don't come back ... well that's fine too.

Daniel Sitter

Thanks Shane. I really appreciate your commentary. I love your verbage "suck the life out your sales team" as that is truly what happens.

Raising their prices... great idea!


I second that! After the Alpha Companies "burn all of their bridges" they will be back. If you treated them well and fired them in a professional and creative way, they will be calling on you again.

Daniel Sitter

Valid point Rick. Hopefully, if you decide to accept them, they will become a better customer the second time around.

Mike Maddaloni

I completely agree! Twice I have had the gut feel that I should fire a client for reasons in line with what you posted. However, as they were also small businesses and people who worked with them were people I knew, I hung on. SO what ended up happening? They fired me! Of course I was angry at first, but then I realized that as much as I aim to serve my clients, I need to remember to serve myself and my business.


Daniel Sitter

Agreed Mike. You have to "mind the store" if you want to have a healthy business in place to serve all of your customers.

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