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October 24, 2007


John Leach

HI Daniel,

Another great post. #8 is my favorite, and at least in my mind the most critical.

John Leach

Lewis Green


Be sold on yourself. If we don't believe in ourselves, our products and our services, why would anyone else?


Another seminal piece from you, thanks.
I would rank #1 as number one, then #6 and then #8 with the remainder in any order.

Albert | UrbanMonk.Net

Hi Daniel, found your blog through the group writing project, and I have to say I like it a lot. The first point is truly the most important - if you are sold on yourself, everything else will fall into place, given time!

Neena (NeenMachine)

Self confidence is the hardest to acheive because you must continue to believe even though others do not.

Lawrence Cheok | A Long Long Road

Hi Daniel,

I have to agree with Albert. I also found your blog through the group writing project.

Pt #8 rings with me. Too many salepeople fail because they put the sales/transaction before the benefits of the customers.

You have my vote for this contest. :)

Al at 7P

Great list. "Genuinely care about others" is so important, it probably should be number 1 or 2 on the list.

Monika @ The Writers Manifesto

Hi Daniel,

I came here from the Litmind GWP and glad I did. This is a great overview on what it takes not only for success in sales, but also in life.

Rolf Visser

Is there any research done on whether a goat tee has an influence whether a customer will close with someone that has a goat tee over a sales person without? and is this not dependant upon the fact how mature a sales person looks? In my last professional sales training we were told that younger sales professionals that look immature might choose to grow their moustache or goat tee in order to look more mature. Do you have any advice on this.

Henry Mbata A.K.A. The Jedi - 3D Modeler, animator, visual effects artist and trainer

Hi, Daniel
Thank you so much for such insight into the world of sales,I like especially the fact that the ultimate sales person is one who cares about others,since there are so many selfish sales people on earth, when one is caring, he is in fact left with no competition in his field

Thank you once more

Henry Mbata A.K.A. The Jedi
3D Modeler, animator, visual effects artist and trainer


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