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October 19, 2007


Jason Jacobsohn

Excellent reminder about using the two powerful words "thank you". You can never say it too much. People really appreciate the acknowledgement. When building relationships, you should get in the habit of saying it whenever someone helps you. I agree that writing a handwritten thank you note is an excellent technique that will make you stand apart. Also, say "thank you" to a store clerk, a bus driver, or your co-worker. You can't say it enough so get in the habit of using it whenever possible. You will make someone's day by being a nice person.

Internet Marketing Students

One of the things I had to learn in the long run of marketing is nurturing customer relationships. When starting out, your main focus is really the sales but as you go along you realize the value of retaining customers. Expressing sincere gratitude should be practiced not just in work, but in everyday life as well. Excellent post. :)

Internet Marketing Service

Yes, thank you is the simplest word, but has the greatest impact on your customer. So don't forget to ask thank you :)
Internet Marketing Service

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