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January 28, 2008


Jason Jacobsohn

Yes, that is an amazing statistic. When you are in sales, that is your job. This can also relate to networking. Most people never follow-up either. In order to get to know people and integrate them into your network, you need to be proactive and follow-up. Since most people don't do this, take it upon yourself do to this, which will make you stand out in business circles.

Chris - soupornuts.com

Hi Daniel,

I too, find it hard to believe that so many sales professionals (?) don't follow up after making initial contact. However, I also believe that it is a common trend that relates to increasingly poor customer service.

It has almost become an exception to receive great customer service in any business transaction. It is for this reason that those people who offer excellent customer service, prosper, no matter what they charge. I like to do business with the kind of person who will keep their commitments, do what they say, when they say and at the cost they have quoted.

Back to salesmen - following-up is just another form of outstanding customer service. The client wants to buy, but can't because the salesman is not there to sell. So he goes elsewhere.

Craig Klein

Seems like Sales 101 but, its the most common reason that people buy a contact management system - so they and their sales reps can remember to follow up with leads.

Skip Anderson

Hi Daniel,

I enjoyed your post. There are many salespeople that end the sales process when a proposal is presented, especially if the prospect had an objection to the proposal.

Contact management software can certainly help, but only if the salesperson is willing to understand the importance of follow up, otherwise investment in it is a waste!

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