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January 07, 2008


Brad Shorr

Thanks for highlighting this important slice of sales history! I also participated in a Xerox derivative training program, and it was fantastic. Every idea in the program was indeed challenging and all of us participants were pushed just about to the limit.


Dan, I am reading a book entitled "The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life" - seeking my next adventure and in the chapter on Brain Retreats the author, Pam Grout, quotes scientists as saying "the average human being has 60,000 thoughts per day...all but 2 percent of those 60,000 thoughts are the SAME ONES YOU HAD YESTERDAY."

Before we can start learning something different - it starts with having different thoughts. What will you think differently today so that you can begin learning/experiencing something new tomorrow?


Robert Lloyd

I really enjoyed reading that post. I do like xerox, for a start they are one of the few companies which still looks after its customers! They also still make high quality products. Marketing is a really interesting subject.

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