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December 08, 2008


Ben Bradley

Good post. If there is panic, it is probably best to walk away from the deal. Your head is in the wrong place.


I heard Michael Phelps talk about his new book, "No Limits" in which he describes his exercise of visualization. Most experienced sales people know the trick - you imagine the sale going perfectly before greeting your prospect.

Michael also imagines the worst possible scenario. In doing so - he knows what the best and the worst look like so he can relax and focus on the task at hand. That same thinking could work as we attempt to stave off feelings of panic.

If we imagine what the worst possible outcome might be - we can accept it and then work steadily to ensure it doesn't happen.

Panic is self destructive - as you stated. It is all in our mind. However, so is the attitude of success. If we tell ourselves we are successful - we are half the way there!


wanna develop

Good tips right there.. Thanks Dan! :)



A very few members are being the good initiatives from the beginning of selling products. Basically selling a product is a art of way we are planning to. Panic is the state everyone has to face at any instance. We don't predict the time on which it occurs. But that will be the experience to handle such kind of people in future.

abercrombie Milano

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