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December 02, 2009


Kathy Condon

Encouragement great word to add to my repertoire of things necessary for communicating with people. When you are giving a person encouragement you are giving them your full attention...something that is becoming rare as we use technology more and more. Now we just have to teach people not to talk to us and use their smartphones as they are giving us encouragement.


Marcus Sheridan

Hi Daniel. This is my first time on your blog and I really enjoyed this simple yet extremely useful article. There is certainly never enough encouragement to go around. I look forward to reading your articles in the future.

Anne M.

Great stuff!! Very thorough and insightful.

As a Sales Manager here in North Carolina, I want to share something in the motivation category. This website (and many others) are filled with great ideas and thoughts, I wanted to be able to share these with the employees at my company.

So when it’s time to recognize someone for their performance, I take one of these quotes from my (long) list, and instead of giving them a standard old plaque (never again!), I put the quote on a DYI – Design Your Inspiration from Successories. They are very handsomely framed and the photo choices are very good. It’s made employee recognition much more meaningful AND appreciated. The website is http://www.dyi.successories.com Thanks again. Anne


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lloyd klein

When do you encourage and not encourage? is there such a thing as too much? what about for the person who has been around a long time and who finds it hard to find little ways to make people feel better? any suggestions?



Alex Cooper

This is so true. People forget that a few encouraging words are much more motivating then a list of negative words.

Theo From Personal Development Training

Great post, it really is amazing how much a few words of encouragement can do for a persons self esteem but on the other hand negative words can also have an impact on a persons subconcious. So I try and give encouragement to everybody that deserves it and hope to recieve the same back.

B2B Data UK

I agree with this article. Encouragement is great for motivation. It's seems you know quite a bit about b2b marketing


come on, Steve Spurrier isn't that of a bad guy ! He has good intentions and stuff...and he wants to support as many people as possible. He simply just not shows it :)

Buy Servers

I think that quite a bit of common sense is what is required at times. Encouragement is definately a postive factor towards motivation. However motivation should be the end result in itself. Other factors come into play as well, such as job satisfaction etc.

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Its really is amazing how much a few words of encouragement .

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Everybody loves bon bons! Cheers from France

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It's a pleasure reading anything you say.

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It's a real pleasure to read everything you write.

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I agree completely. It's all about positive reinforcement

Sean Browne

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting this up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

It's true, when speaking with clients, a simple compliment (must be sincere) goes a long way and as you say, might mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

I will try to remember this when speaking with clients today!


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A few words of encouragement can mean so much to people

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